outline worksheet wnd final paper pre-planning

you will establish and develop a strong thesis for your final paper. the thesis will serve as a backbone of your final people and should showcase in one complete statement what your policy is why it is important and how it relates to policymaking and government program administration within the American national government. Once you have establish your thesis you will then outline your final paper utilizing outline format when utilizing an outline be sure to include the elements from the week two assignment and remember to use headings and subheadings. All sentences within your outline should be complete and should help to support your ideas. Within the worksheet you will state your thesis statement provide an outline of your paper and integrate the four sources from your annotated bibliography +2 more sources and see your outline to showcase how these resources support your ideas. Provide a full APA references list with a minimum of six sources please be sure to utilize outline format and support all statements with scholarly research. All references should be listed in full APA format and cited appropriately.
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