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Overview of business case:

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Drive2Impress is a small business that sells cars in Canberra. Drive2Impress can obtain cars from several different suppliers. Drive2Impress keeps its cars in several showrooms across the city. At this stage customers cannot view the available cars online so to order they must visit one of the showrooms. Customers call Drive2Impress to arrange a visit before they go to a showroom. Drive2Impress has been using an Excel spreadsheet to track their business activities; however, this has caused many redundancies and inefficiency.
With view to their expanding business and under the new management, they decided to investigate the option of implementing a database system. Accordingly, they hired you to design a relational database to better track and record their operational data. NOTE: The overview of business case is included here to provide context only. For the purpose of identifying entities, attributes and relationships between entities please read Drive2Impress business rules and instructions for creating your ERD below.

This assessment aligns with the following subject outcomes:
be able to gather, analyse and model business requirements using Enhanced Entity Relationship Diagrams (EERD

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