Pest Analysis

Pest Analysis

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Social Value Act (2012) is the new low which gives the opportunities for Social Enterprises to deliver public services and improve the social wellbeing. (Hurd N. , 2013)
Greenwich CCG perceive that a way of improving standards of local healthcare services and reducing health inequalities in the borough can be realised through Patient and Public Engagement Strategy (2017-2020).
 NHS Five Year Forward View
Prevention must be done in order to meet the new legislation of the UK Government of the NHS 10 Year Plan.

Greenwich saved nearly £1m through cooperating with social enterprises. Social Enterprise are helping within service such as nursing care homes to reduce emergency admission.
reduce the outcalls to the ambulance units and hospital attendance in the borough
GCDA is an organisation that develops social enterprises in Greenwich and other 15 borough within London. It is supporting communities to be healthy to maintain economically and meet social needs. This organisation is successfully motivating community who lives in Greenwich by implementing organic principles to support natural world and creating healthier green spaces for local people.
Another issue which Greenwich borough is facing represents the rates of homeless people. Emmaus Greenwich offers persons who have experienced homelessness a home for as long as they need it and a workplace in their social enterprise, giving people in need a stable environment with the opportunity to obtain new skills and recover any lost self-esteem and confidence so they can build a new life with bigger opportunities. Therefore, this improvement in the standard of living will also help the council’s economic growth.
Local authority public health grant funding is being cut by £700 million in real terms between 2014/15 and 2019/20 and delivering the public health functions is now unsustainable with current funding. This equates to a reduction of almost a quarter in spending per person.
There is no future funding settlement for the local authority public health grant past 2019/20 and no solution from the government to the very urgent demand being seen in sexual and reproductive health services now. NHS and Greenwich CCG and its partners, working in partnership with local people, will provide clear and helpful information on the local health and social care system.

Greenwich CCG focuses on mental health issues such as depression and anxiety in the borough, with an estimated of 28,000 people diagnosed with a mental health disorder. National Institute of Mental Health in England (NIMHE) established and promoted the programme within social enterprise (MHFA), as part of a national approach to decrease the level of people put at risk with mental health illness.
Greenwich has the higher cancer rates comparing with another boroughs in London. As previously researched, there are around 440 deaths from cancer yearly in Greenwich, a third of deaths are under 75-year old. The Social Enterprise Greenwich Leisure Ltd (GLL), is a successful company that successfully raising funds for Cancer research UK to prevent and save people’s lives. They work in partnership with other 50 councils, sport organisation and public agencies.
Diabetes is considered a long-term condition that affected 7.8 percent of the residents in Greenwich (estimate of 15000 xpeople). Overweight and obesity are prime factor to the development of diabetes, therefore, local authorities collaborate with TwistFizz tennis social enterprise, witch support groups of citizens to engage in more physical activities in order to improve physical appearances and well-being.
Joint Strategic Needs Assessment (JSNA) of Royal borough of Greenwich has stated that the first 1001 days of life of a new-born represents the most crucial period of a child’s life neurological development. The Greenwich Leisure Limited (GLL) supports unstable mothers, they offer a range of activities that benefits pregnant women in physical and mental health by providing a variety sports and mental relief.
Alcohol is another problem in Greenwich with over 2300 alcohol connected crimes registered between 2012 and 2013. Dear Albert Social Enterprise support people with alcohol and drug addictions through providing rehabilitation programs.

The social enterprise Auticon provides the borough with various technical programming skills. In order to help people with autistic disorder. They are provided with 150 autistic professionals in order to help the disadvantages people.

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