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Project: Pile Raft Design

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Title: FEM (finite element method model) modelling of piled raft foundations in two and three dimensions.


1-Each Person needs to submit a report separately about his/her individual work (submit one PDF)

2-Report should be professional with a proper cover page, table of content, sections, suitable headings and a list of references at the end.

3-Report should include the following parts:

 Executive Summary of the modelling you have done (0.5 pages)

 Introduction/background (1-5 pages): Explaining the background of projects and review of relevant literature.

 Aims of the project (1 -2 pages): Basically what are you simulating?

 PLAXIS 2D Modelling dimensions and geometry with 1-2 screenshots of your model (1-3 pages)

 Summary of the materials properties and extra assumptions used in your PLAXIS 2D model (1-3 pages)

 Explaining about calculations steps supplemented with 1 screenshot of the completed calculations steps (1-2 pages)

 Reporting the outputs in terms of graphs and explaining how did you obtain them(e.g. deformations, stresses, pore water pressure, settlement); 2-5 pages

 Discussion of results (2-5 pages)

 List of references (0.5-2 pages)

Important Points to be considered

 PDF size should not be larger than 8MB.

 Any figure/table/text/etc which is not yours should be referenced properly; otherwise, it is considered plagiarism.

 Plagiarism is serious and may results in you failing the subject or being excluded from the course.