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Purpose: For this assignment you will practice research and MLA citation skills. Everyone will be reading the same text (“Old Turtle Story” on BlackBoard). We will be analyzing the story with two sources I have provided (Native Religions & Brother Eagle), and an additional source of your choosing. Your paper must use these sources to support the thesis: “Old Turtle utilizes Native American religious themes”.
What are Native American religious themes? How are they being used in “Old Turtle”? What’s the message of Old Turtle, and how does this compare to Native American traditions? The answers to these questions will be determined by your research and reasoning skills.
Description: Your paper will be in 4, MLA formatted parts:
• Introduction and Literature Review: Introduce your claim, the sources you are using to support the claim, and outline the reasons/evidence of the paper
• Three different reasons/N.A. religious themes complete with sources- Must use my sources plus one, use specific quotes, organized coherently
• Conclusion and Counterargument- Overview or argument presented, then remind reader of other opinions, counterarguments, further research
• MLA formatted bibliography for your sources

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