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Part 1

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The two probable research questions regarding the topic which is physical activity in early childhood education settings would be,

  1. What is the role of physical activity in early childhood education?
  2. How do children benefit from physical activity in early childhood settings?

There are 2 key points to consider when framing the kind of Qs best suited for teacher inquiry research.

  • To address how an issue impacts our own classrooms, our children in class/center
  • To probe into issues of ‘how’ or ‘what’ or ‘why’ of the nature of a particular condition

To answer this Q1(a), you can briefly describe the background of your situations in class,  leading you to frame these RQs.

You may consider re-framing the RQs as follows:

  1. What are physical activity lessons in (my) early childhood to help develop their benefits in any specific domain/skills you wish to enhance/develop their development)
  2. What children benefit from the physical activity lessons in mine? similarly, you have a specific domain/skills you want to help develop children’s learning as


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