Praneshacharya’s Actions

Hello, I am looking for someone to write an article on Praneshacharya’s Actions in Samskara. It needs to be at least 1750 words. People following this specific or even orthodox form of their culture will try to maintain their identity and distinctness, even if they live in the midst of a larger or composite culture. For them, the culture and the related historical traditions and customs is an important aspect that mainly shapes his/her life, their personality, and even their after-lives. As they give utmost importance to it, they will try to incorporate all the set cultures, traditions, and customs in all phases or stages of life, starting from birth till their death as part of samskara. So, samskara is the broad term in Hinduism, which is given to all the personal and traditional sacraments observed by individuals at every phase of their Hindu life, starting from the moment he/she is conceived in the womb till their death, including the funeral rites to facilitate a smooth transfer of the soul to the other world.
All these samskaras got formed and evolved from the various ancient texts including Puranas, epics, gṛhyasutras, etc. Although they differ noticeably according to the various regions, castes, or even families, there is a generally accepted list of 16 saṃskaras. Each one of these samskaras correlates to each phase of Hindu life and involves a collage of rites and ceremonies. For example, during the samskara of Jatakarma, which is carried out after the child’s birth, the impurities that tend to be associated with children from the prenatal stage of birth is removed and he/she is made pure, and fit to become a temple for the god to live. So, it is clear, the samskara is a cultural and traditional ritual, which is performed by the individuals to achieve higher sanctity and transform into an ‘optimum’ individual.
With this motivation only, the protagonist of the fictional work, Samskara, Praneshacharya follows and undergoes the various tenets of samskara throughout life. However, when a life ends and that results in various hurdles, Praneshacharya misses following certain samskaras and thus becomes a hurt, pathless, and complicated soul. So, this paper by analyzing how Praneshacharya’s actions reflect the above discussed different definitions of samskara will take a position that he did not make the correct choices all the time, although he could take a correct path in his early life.

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