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This test does not directly relate to the physical printing going onto the press sheet. During this test the process of

recording, calculating, tabulating, analyzing and presenting data is the key focus. By using these processes, we are able to

keep a very controlled environment, and get a clear idea of what exactly is happening on our press. By performing these

analysis we can give the pressman visual representation through charts and graphs of what exactly he needs to be looking for.

All of these precautions are taken to ensure that the press is operating smoothly, producing the most optimum printing

conditions possible.


Good runnability is the process by which your job runs efficiently through the press with the least possible downtime and

waste. Utilizing quality control measures, we can constantly check to make sure that all processes are running within normal

variation. We have to check for things such as colour and registration to make sure no outliers are causing problems. If

those two are not checked and the job is going to the bindery to be cut, the job could be miss registered and it won’t be

able to be cut. if the job does pass through the bindery and is cut and folded, next it has to please the customer and if the

colour is not accurate to the customers specifications, the company is going to face multiple problems. If the company does

encounter any of the two problems, it will lose a lot of time and money. It is very crucial to make sure that press sheets

are being accurately printed in the make ready and once in a while during the actually press run.


For a finished printed job the end-use of the job is very important, this is what the customer is looking at and using after

you are finished with it. It is very important to have the final printed job colour accurate for many reasons the biggest

reason is making the customer happy. If the colour densities aren’t properly dealt with in print and a inaccurate job is

printed the customer is going to reject the job, which then is going to cause a lot of problems from the customer not

returning to your company to the person wanting a refund. If that were to happen your company is going to lose a lot money

and they would have wasted a lot of time as well. It is very crucial to run this test on every single printed job in the

company before sending it out to the customer but also before printing many copies of the job. The number one priority when

printing a job is too make sure the job is printed colour accurate to the customers requests and making sure the customer is

satisfied with the final job.

i) Use a densitometer to gain data from the 4-colour process quality control strip.
ii) With the data calculate the ink traps, print contrast and dot gain for each of the colours.
ii) With the data calculated create a 5 poin