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NRSG374 AT1 Professional
Development Resource
NRSG374 Professional Development Resource –
What is a professional development resource?
You are required to create a resource that would provide learning opportunities and information for health care
professionals. This is not a resource for the general consumer or community members, you are expected to use
professional terminology
Who is my target audience?
Final year nursing students and/or early career nurses
What are Learning Outcomes?
Identify key areas that you believe are important to learn about your selected topic and list these as short Learning
Outcomes (LO’s) near the beginning of your presentation, just like those that you see presented to you in lectures
and tutorials
What is the format of the professional development resource?
A narrated PowerPoint
How many Words?
Equivalent to 1500 words (combined work of PowerPoint and Script), please do NOT put 1500 words of text on
PowerPoint Slides

NRSG374 Professional Development Resource –
How many slides?
8-10 slides, including the title page and references. If you require an additional slide for a longer reference list
you will not loose grades for this, it is preferred to have a larger font and have 2 reference slides, instead of one
reference slide in a very small font
What size Font?
No Smaller than 18 which is the size of the font you are currently reading
What Font Type?
Calibri, Arial, Times New Roman
Can we use a different font for headings?
Yes, however please remember that you are creating a Professional Development Resource hence selct an
appropriate font for headings if you must choose something other than the above
Can we use diagrams and images?
Yes, please ensure they “add information” to your work and they are not a meme, or a basic image that is not
adding to your information, use APA7 to reference all images

NRSG374 Professional Development
Resource – FAQ’s
Do we need to have citations on our slides?
Yes, please use APA7th
When narrating, do we need to state the reference (author, year) ?
No, however the citation information must be visible on the slide, so markers are able to review the
information for academic integrity
How long should the recorded narration be?
No longer than 8 minutes +/- 10%
What topics do we choose from?
Choose ONE topic only from those listed below
1. Cultural Considerations when caring for Australian Indigenous Peoples in the Palliative Care Setting
2. Grief and Bereavement support for patients and/or significant others receiving palliative care
3. Multidisciplinary Teams approach in Palliative Care

NRSG374 Professional Development Resource –
What file type do we submit ?
Narrated PowerPoint file types accepted by Turnitin include:
.pptx, .ppt, .ppsx, .pps and MP4
Script File type Word Document
Do we submit the script?
Yes, there are two sections to the dropbox, you need to submit the narrated powerpoint file and the script in the
second section of the dropbox
What do we focus on once we have chosen a topic?
Information that you believe is important to know to assist you as a junior RN if you were caring for a patient and
their loved ones that the research you undertake on your topic reveals
What standards do we need to discuss?
The National Palliative Care Standards, that we have been reviewing each week in our tutorials and the online

NRSG374 Professional Development
Resource – FAQ’s
Do we need to link our topic to all 9 national palliative care standards?
Firstly, introduce and explain what the National Palliative Care Standards (NPCS) are on one slide and how they
link to your topic for your target audience
You do not need to explain all 9 national palliative care standards in detail, this would be a narrated PowerPoint
on its own. Please select what you believe are important standards that link well to your topic, selected
learning outcomes and evidence-based practice
REMEMBER: You can use various features of PowerPoint to circle or highlight the standards that you will
discuss in more detail within your professional development resource to make your slides engaging for the
listener. Images and text can be used on your slides so adding an image of the NPCS and referencing it
appropriately is of value within your presentation.
What is the minimum number of standards that I must include?
Review the LEO content to understand the National Palliative Care Standards, there are 9 in total. A third-year
assessment task would include an absolute minimum of 3, as per the rubric you must justify how you believe
they relate to your topic

NRSG374 Professional Development Resource –
Can Streams B & C submit their work on a different date?
No, the unit has been designed for you to work through the modules and case studies at your own pace,
irrespective of the stream you are in.
Streams are timetabled to work through x3 case studies on palliative care patients in different settings
and age groups across the lifespan. The resources for these have been available to all students since the
beginning of semester. It is a requirement to familiarise yourself with these prior to all classes, therefore
begin working through the content ASAP
Why can’t different streams have a different submission date?
Clinical Placement is not a valid reason for an extension request, all students will be allocated and
completing clinical placement this semester and will need to complete assessment tasks for all units.
An important aspect of transitioning from student to working professional is an essential skill that we are
teaching you as an undergraduate student. Personal and professional time management is critical, as an
RN you will be required to undertake ongoing education to remain clinically current for your career

NRSG374 Professional Development Resource –
What is a valid reason for an extension or special consideration request?
As per academic policy: “Applications must demonstrate exceptional circumstances and be supported by
documentary evidence of the medical, compassionate or extenuating circumstances on which the application
is based” please see the policy for further details—policy-andprocedure/assessment-procedures
If you have a valid reason for an extension or special consideration, please apply for one via the dropboxes as
per policy on your campus LEO.

NRSG374 Professional Development Resource –
How many references do I use?
1 reference for each 100 words
• Minimum 8- 10 references to achieve a CR in this criterion
• Minimum 15 appropriate references to achieve a HD in this criterion
Please review information on the assessment tile of the LEO page including the assessment task 1 discussion
Carefully read the rubric located in the NRSG374 Unit Outline it contains valuable information and is the guide
used by all markers to grade your work
Academic Integrity will be very closely monitored in ALL assessments submitted.
Be sure to submit your OWN work. Use APA7th. Paraphrase adequately
Submit with enough time to obtain your similarity report from Turnitin, and review your citations and
paraphrasing if they need to be improved

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