Professional Growth Plan

The student will be required to complete the narrative items, obtaining a passing score on each
item. The questions and a scoring matrix are provided on a link from the ELCC (Educational
Leadership Constituency Council) Assessment Homepage. The student should pay
particular attention to the scoring requirements, as a passing score of at least 1.0 must be
obtained on each item. In order to receive credit for the course the student must receive a MET or
EXCEEDED on all assessment questions. These items are posted in Assignments.
ELCC. 2.2
How would you effectively provide principles of effective instruction
and the utilization of technology and information systems that would
facilitate the improvement of curricular materials for diverse learners?
Include the design, implementation and the evaluation of the
curriculum of these learners' needs. (ELCC 2.2)
Utilizing research strategies, how would you assist school personnel
in the understanding and application of the best practices in human
development theory, motivational theory and concern for diversity, in
order to improve student learning? (ELCC 2.3)
ELCC 2.4
What should be included in developing your professional growth plan
that reflects a commitment to life-long learning and your ability to
implement well planned, context- appropriate professional
development programs? (ELCC 2.4)
ELCC 3.2
Using your skills as a school operations manager, how would you
involve your staff in developing its community and family
collaboration skills and you would apply your understanding of legal
principles to encourage safe and effective and efficient school
facilities? (ELCC 3.2)

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