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Project Interim progress report 2🡪

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This is a second milestone that shows the progress of the consultancy project aimed at “Exploration of the use of Edtech for learning and teaching by UK universities”. Following the first interim report which went totally wrong, our group has tried to compensate for the mistake by delivering this second interim report in the perfect way possible based on the above-mentioned project. Admittedly, we faced challenges in deciding what aspects should we cover and what not; thus, I was confused and decided to approach my leader who really helped me by shortlisting business areas that I can briefly explain. The leader had a servant leadership style as he gave other members’ tasks first priority than handling his own, which I believe is a very good quality of a leader and I would also try to inhibit the same in upcoming projects (Huljenic, Desic, and Matijasevic, 2005). There were different areas of the project where PM i.e. project management concepts had to be applied. In addition to this, issues faced by educators/learners were also explored as it was one of the main project objectives. As the project was based on exploring the use of EdTtech for learning and teaching by UK universities, our group dived deep into the history of Edtech and how it has become a new norm in many countries. I was allocated the task of providing a brief overview of the report document and explaining client objectives and scope. During this time, our team ensured that we search for relevant concepts so that they would align with the business objectives of the client. Since I had stellar communication skills, my leader allocated me the task of requirement elicitation. It was during that time that we realized how important it is to segregate user requirements as functional and non-functional (Radujković and Sjekavica, 2017). Accordingly, our group elicited user requirements through a scheduled face-to-face meeting in which I was able to confidently elicit user requirements of the system. Through this interim report, our group explored various concepts related to Edtech such as which technologies are used behind this concept and how they would benefit the students. Aside from this, this project has improved my overall team working skills which I believe could help me and the team in the future when working in cross-functional teams (S. Anantatmula, 2021).


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