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Assignment Task:

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This assignment involves the preparation of a presentation followed by a Client Report which outlines the project plan, project scope, and risk and evaluates the project’s success.

Assignment Brief

1. The presentation slides should be attached to the report as an appendix. Include speaker

However, you are not required to do a live presentation. Keep the slides succinct, and you can use bullet points where necessary. The slides should be embedded in the assignment, followed by the report.

2. Prepare a client report that covers the following: (LO2, LO3 & LO4) [1,000 words

a. The Project Plan (discuss a plan for your app using a GANTT chat)

b. Project Scope discusses the app design and launch cost, social media integration; in-app purchase; app customization; testing of the app; launch of the app.

c. Project Risk what potential risks could impact the launch of the app, e.g., cost overruns, delays in app design, design and compatibility issues; competition from other apps.

d. Project Success (how will you measure the app’s success?)
The report should be written in a formal business report format, consisting of a title page, a table of contents, the main body of the work using appropriate headings covering the above four points, and a reference list.

You must reference all information used in the presentation and the report, using the Harvard Referencing Guide. You are required to include a reference list at the end of the report arranged in alphabetical order irrespective of the sources.