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1st Interim Progress Report 3

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Summary of program successes and accomplishments

The assignment on IKEA’s culture has provided me with a great opportunity to develop and sharpen my employability skills like professionalism, commercial awareness teamwork, project management, communication, critical thinking, problem solving, relationship building, and adaptability. I would like to reflect on how my project management skill is improved, at the first.

As per my understanding, management of any business-related project or academic project requires individual care planning, team collaboration, problem solving to find out the best project route and process, critical thinking, and teamwork. The project assigned to us has sharpened all of these skills simultaneously and effectively. For example, the task of identifying principles and challenges faced by the case study firm and the strategies to deal with those challenges require I and other team members for being thoughtful for thinking outside the box and utilising our problem-solving ability to find out the particular problems being faced by IKEA’s management.



Barriers that were encountered/how barriers were addressed

Critical thinking allows an individual to think more deeply in an evaluative manner by breaking the traditional thinking pattern (Warsah et al. 2021). The use of such an advanced-level thinking pattern led the team to explore IKEA’s published data on the internet, and think critically about how IKEA had been witnessing complexities in its operational area during the pandemic era. This is the area where I have felt a fine improvement in my critical thinking, problem solving, and teamwork skills.

The teamwork skill has further improved when the team went for task allocation among the members. Everyone including me has shown adequate cooperation while choosing writing parts. Communication is an important skill that allows a team to maintain harmony while achieving the group goal (Pavlenko and Pavlenko, 2021). Each team member including me has shown the utmost level of communication throughout the assignment-making period. For example, I had to find out the implementation strategy that could help IKEA’s management to deal with current change issues associated with the business. I was in deep confusion to recognise the appropriate change model that IKEA’s management can administer for handling changes. Through clear and two-way communication and utilisation of my problem-solving ability, I became able to move the mountain and come up with Lewis’ model as the most potent one.



Major programnatic changes/rationale for redirection

Such a collaborative environment we maintained during the project completion time made the relationship-building task much easier. Relationship building in a team is necessary to achieve the common team goal without facing any conflict (Hwang, 2018). Through active collaboration and reciprocal cooperation, achieve this height of success. The report we have submitted is a cultivated effort in our teamwork by which we have developed soft skills in communication and adaptability as well. Adaptability is developed by going out of my comfort zone, as I kept change management area in my parts rather than strategy identification task in which I am quite well. My professionalism skill was developed by respecting each team member, valuing his or her efforts, and managing the time allocated for the completion of my task. In short, this assignment has allowed me not only to present a well-argued group report but also to come up with some fin improvements in the mentioned employability skills.





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