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Two responses must correctly identify the author and the title of the selection from which the passage is drawn.( 2 passages)
Each response must provide an interpretation of the passage and the document from which it comes that correctly explains the meaning of the passage IN CONTEXT, demonstrates understanding of key terms, and effectively summarizes the meaning of the passage without relying exclusively on original phrasing. You may want to restate briefly the passage in your own words. What do you think the author or speaker was trying to communicate to his or her audience in the selected words?
NOTE: Your interpretation IS NOT meant to be a discussion of your feelings about the persons ideas or values. The purpose of the analysis is to explain the ways that the people of the historical period might have understood or interpreted the ideas expressed by the author. In other words, what meaning did the ideas or concepts have at the time they were written or spoken?
Each response must correctly identify the intellectual movement, period, or concept to which the passage relates BY NAME. You must establish a context, or historical and intellectual setting, that gives the passage and the document from which it is drawn its significance or meaning. Explain how the passage and the document reflect or illustrate the influences and main ideas of the context. How is the passage the product of a specific time, place, and set of ideas? Where did the author or speaker draw his or her inspiration or ideas? To what issue or controversy is she or he adding an opinion or voice?P

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