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PUBH6030 and PUBH6031 Public Health Protection and Control
Assessment 1 Environmental Health Risk Assessment Report
Individual Task:
Complete a desk-top environmental health risk assessment of a specific hazard and
setting from the list below.
Select one of the three broad categories (water, air or waste), and then select a specific hazard and a
specific setting.
1. Water – Microbiological contamination of water

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Hazard Selection (select 1) Setting Selection
Escherichia coli
Select ONE developing country

2. Air – Air pollutants in outdoor settings

Hazard Selection (select 1) Setting Selection
Select ONE city

3. Waste – Chemical contamination of land

Hazard Selection (select 1) Setting Selection
Previous commercial market garden
Residential area near lead mining/smelting operations

For your selected hazard and setting, review the literature and the EHRA Guidelines (enHealth,
2012) to complete an Environmental Health Risk Report covering the following key points:
Issue identification – provide clear evidence that exposure to the selected hazard is a public
health concern in your selected setting (20%)
Hazard assessment – summarise the key evidence for health effects of your selected hazard
and the relationship between dose and response. (25%)
Exposure assessment – describe the key sources, exposure patterns and routes, and how
exposure could be measured. Identify the population groups who are likely to be exposed,
including any susceptible groups. (20%)
Risk Management – identify key management strategies to reduce the level of risk
associated with this hazard, particularly for any sensitive groups. Identify relevant
regulations, guidelines or standards for your chosen hazard and setting (25%)
Overall structure, quality of writing and referencing (10%)
Worth: 40%
Word count: 1500 words excluding references. Include your word count on the cover page.
Due: Refer to Unit Outline

Commonwealth of Australia, Environmental Health Risk Assessment- Guidelines for assessing human
health risks from environmental hazards (2012)
Foundation Competencies for Public Health (CAPHIA, 2016)
6.8 Formulate a risk assessment plan to define and characterise the potential influence of
environmental factors
6.9 Conduct and report on a risk assessment project to define and characterise the nature and
potential influence of environmental factors

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