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Mashaweer Case Study

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Use the Case study provided and answer the following

Do NOT copy and paste from the case study or re-write/paraphrase a paragraph. Answer with your own words.

750 word as total. The following content is NOT included in a final word count:



Any words are not part of your essay.

Well structured, conveying good contents.

Due Date: Sunday, April 15, 2018

Please open the attached document


*Read a case study titled “Mashaweer” and answer the following five questions.

What kinds of applications are described in this case? What business functions do they support?

What are the benefits from equipping their riders with PDAs?

Was it a good decision to expand the business to Cairo? What are the implications of information systems?

Do you think that Mashaweer will be able to accomplish their future strategy and sustain its market share?

Do you think in near future, the competition between Mashaweer and Wassaly will be aggressive? Why?

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