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The assessment is related to a real workplace case study, available in the prescribed text book. The use of a real workplace case study of Carlsberg Group will enable you to learn about workplace practices and HR trends in global companies. The case study specifically focuses on the challenges faced by Carlsberg during the development of HR strategies that are effective in a global context. While there are discussion questions shown at the end of the case study in the text book, these are for your own learning only. You should prepare a 2000 word case study report that addresses the following points:

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1. In your own words, outline the strategic HR priorities pursued by Carlsberg.

2. Discuss the rationale of implementing the ‘Winning Behaviours’ strategy

3. How does Carlsberg’s ‘Winning Behaviours’ strategy align with other HR practices such as: equity and diversity; workforce planning and development; social responsibility; and work-life balance.

4. Analyse the difficulties the company faced when implementing this strategy in Malaysia.

5. Provide an analysis of how well the ‘Winning Behaviours’ strategy would work in an Australian context, along with recommendations for how such an implementation could be successfully managed.

A minimum of 15 academic papers should be part of your literature review. Reference to any corporate information (including websites) will not be included as part of the required 15 academic papers

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