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SITXHRM002 Roster Staff & V1.1 SITXHRM004 Recruit, Select and Induct Staff ■ The ratio of staff to customers usually follows as below: i. Brunch: one (1) staff memberper thirty (30) customers ii. Dinner: one (1) staff member per twenty (20) customers ■ You must also have: i. A minimum of one (1) staff member at opening ii. Two (2) staff members at closing 2. CALCULATE YOUR LABOUR COSTS ■ Calculate your wage costs for the two (2) weeks showing all calculations in Microsoft Excel format. Take into account the following: ■ Calculate the following on costs for all employees:
i. payroll tax is 5% of wages ii. WorkCover is 2% of wages iii. Superannuation is 9.50% of wages ■ These costs are additional costs to the employer (not deductions) and must be added to the total wages costs.
i. TLC 35°/0 ii. Your permanent staff are paid as follows-. FIXED WAGE COSTS DETAILS Suzie the Restaurant Supervisor (45 hours) Front of the house
Reece the Executive Chef (45 hours) Kitchen Supervisor
Manager (You)
Adam the Cleaner
Trainer Resource: Rosteri Version 1.1 ng
$1500.00 $650.00

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