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When I had to register for my classes as a first-year student, I started planning months before to stay up to dated. I used to check my e-mails daily so that I cannot miss any update from the university. I took help of my friend who was in the university from last one year. That was very helpful as she made me aware of all the procedures. After reading the textbook, becoming a master student. I learned how to use the different modes while choosing courses. After attending online meetings with my advisor, I decided to register myself for three courses for the first semester to understand all the concepts clearly. I registered myself through web advisor on the university site.





Due to the covid pandemic, my classes are online, and I attend them via zoom meetings. I have three courses and my two classes are on Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 10:30 PM to 2:00 PM, whereas one class on Tuesday and Thursday from 2:30 PM to 3:45 PM. To always attend my class on time, I put alarms on my mobile phone. I keep on checking my NEXUS to never miss any update. Along with this, in the break sessions I do walk outside to get fresh air and feel more active or refreshing. I plan regular recreation time and adjust my study time to meet the demand of individual courses.




Reading books is my hobby and I love reading books of different authors. For completing my class readings, I have made timetable to never miss my reading session, I try read as much as I can, from the reading that are assigned. When I am reading, I am alert and awake so that I can achieve my assigned goal easily. Sometimes, I select a reading strategy to fit the type of material I am reading. Moreover, I always make notes to revise those main points during my examination. Me and my friend always divide the paragraphs to read and then discuss about it to save time and make work easy for us.





To become a master student, doing assignments on time is the priority of university student. I always prefer doing my assignments in the night time because of the peaceful surroundings to focus more and get good grades. From the textbook, I learned that I must work on SMART goals rather than the vague goals. Incorporating the ABC daily to do list to do my part in getting the most out of this university experience. I start working on each assignment three weeks before of the submission date. Finding the mistakes and reading the assignment again and again helps me to make it more creative





Examination helps an individual to check hisher performance throughout the classes. I start preparing for my exams two weeks before. Revising my handmade notes or highlighted points in the textbook is my first step. Doing all the exercises in the books and going through all the questions helps me to make better understanding of the topic. Me and my friend always put questions to each other to monitor their performance. Hoping to follow the 7 steps of anti-procrastination to stay motivated with studying. In this way, I find those areas where I must work properly. I manage my time during the exam so that I can complete it. Moreover, while preparing for exams I keep on listening to songs after some time to reduce my stress.





Here in Canada, I have only 5 friends and we all have a very good friendship. I have very hectic schedule and my friends also remain busy, so, we all have a WhatsApp group named besties. There we chat, send or receive videos, images and plan our meetings to do a get together. I use a calendar to mark all the planned dates and time in my room that helps me to never forget anything. Furthermore, in weekends we usually hangout and party.





As an international student, I live out from my home country with my relatives, and I talk with my parents and little brother on video calling in the evening. In weekdays, I talk only for 15-20 minutes because of my studies and whereas on weekend, I talk for longer time with some of my other relatives or parents. I face some problem in the time difference between Canada and India. After communicating with my family, I become able to focus more on my studies and feel relax.




At present, I don’t have any work obligations because I am not working right now because of the extreme cold. I will start working in summers as I have applied for many jobs. Lastly, I will plan my schedule accordingly.







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