Rehabilitation IRF-PAI Exercise – Global Homework Experts

Learning Objectives
When you have successfully completed this unit, you will be able to:

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Describe health care organizations from the perspective of key stakeholders (2)
Apply policies, regulations, and standards to the management of information (3)
Explain the use of classification systems, clinical vocabularies, and nomenclatures (2)
Describe components of data dictionaries and data sets (2)
Evaluate data dictionaries and data sets for compliance with governance standards (5)
Utilize technologies for health information management (3)
Validate assignment of diagnostic and procedural codes and groupings in accordance with official guidelines (3)
Describe components of revenue cycle management and clinical documentation improvement (2)
Summarize regulatory requirements and reimbursement methodologies (2)
Evaluate revenue cycle processes (5)
Evaluate compliance with regulatory requirements and reimbursement methodologies (5)

Submit only the completed table – 5 points will be deducted for incorrect submissions for the first part including any instructions/information.
Submit your short essay for Part 2 in a Word document, Open Office saved as a Word document is acceptable.
Save your document as HIIM226yournameIRFPAI.
Submit by the date due.


Work through the IRF-PAI Activity
Optional: Review for your own knowledge the 1.4 IRF-PAI form at Medicare Fee-for-Service Payment Inpatient Rehab IRF-PAI-Version-1-4 (Links to an external site.)
Carefully review the case study.
On the pages provided, complete any items that are blank and highlighted in blue.
Complete Part 2, short essay.

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