research paper based on Susan Douglass book, Where the Girls Are.

Specifications for the Written Component
For the written section, you must write a research paper based on Susan Douglas’s book, Where the Girls Are.  This book is 25 years old now, and we need to see whether the same patterns of media portrayals of women from the twentieth century are still used in the twenty-first. The paper must be at least five pages long and must contain the following elements:
∙​A summary of the book which is approximately 2 ½ pages long.
∙​Four items from today’s popular culture that deal with women or women’s issues.  Describe them.  Examples of things that could be used are advertisements, music, political advertisements, media coverage of the Me Too movement, television shows, movies, media coverage of Hillary Clinton or Sarah Palin or Elizabeth Warren.  
∙​ Analyze those items applying ideas from Douglas’s book.  For example, do the things that Douglas concluded about television shows such as Bewitched or I Dream of Jeannie still hold for situation comedies today?
∙​Assess the impact that the media has on women’s position in society today.
This piece is worth 100 points.
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