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Exercise 1: Session 9 – Example Quantified Research Proposal Structure

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Chapter Section Approximate Words Checklist
Abstract Abstract
Sec.1 – Introduction Introduction to the Research
Sec.2 – Literature Review Summary Literature Review
Answers questions: what is being studied/why? Specific topic 1
Specific topic 2
Sec.3 – Research Methodology Research Methodology
Answers question: how is the research being
Data Collection
Data Analysis
Sec.4 – Expected Findings Expected Research Findings
Answers question: what is expected to be
found once the research has been done?
Sec.5 – Research Process & Timeline Outline of Research Process
Timeline (Gantt Chart)
Sec.6 – Conclusions Conclusions and Recommendations
List of References Bibliography/List of References
Any other Appendices
TOTAL 3,000 (+/- 10%)


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