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UNIT IG2: Risk assessment

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Checklist for learners



You may wish to use this checklist to help you make sure that you have covered the minimum criteria for the IG2 assessment.





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Part 1: Description of the organisation and methodology used  
The description includes:  
The name of the organisation  
The site location  
Number or workers employed  
The general description includes: products manufactured/services offered; types of

activities; shift patterns

Description of the area to be included in the risk assessment  
Methodology used to include: sources of information, who was consulted and how you decided

on the additional control measures

Part 2: Risk assessment:  
Identified 15 hazards  
The 15 identified hazards are taken from different hazard categories  
Each column of the risk assessment table has been completed for each of the identified


Part 3: Prioritise 3 actions with justification for the selection  
3 actions have been selected  
Justification includes:  
Moral, legal and financial arguments  
Likelihood and severity considered for each action  
Description of how effective the action will be in controlling the risk for each action  
Part 4: Review, communicate and check  
Realistic review date given (12 months or less from the date of Inspection mentioned in Part 2)  
Reason for review date given  
Indicate how the risk assessment findings will be communicated  
Indicate who the risk assessment findings will be communicated to  
Indicate how you will follow up to check that the identified actions have been carried out  


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