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SITXHRM002 Roster Staff & it Select and Induct Staff SITXHRM004 Recru ,

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Figure: Table 1.0 i. Trading Times, anticipated Business Volume and Staff tici Expected Numbers _Stiff BOH_ _I_ Staff Foil— ,
Wed Thurs Fri
Menu ‘ – — 15.00-23.00 Dinner Menu
15.00-23.00 15.00-23.00 Dinner Menu Sat 15.00-23.00 Dinner Menu Sun 07.00-15.00 Brunch Menu Total Week’s Revenue
Dinner Menu
90 160

RELEVANT INSTRUCTIONS To demonstrate competence you are required to complete the following
1. CREATE A ROSTER FOR ALL FOH AND BOH STAFF Write a roster for the above two (2) weeks, using Microsoft Excel. In writing the roster you must abide by all the rules in the Hotel Award and consider the following: • Use 24 hour clock for all start and finish rostered times ■ Show ‘breaks’ for all engaged staff ■ Estimate a finish time for any nominated casual staff ■ Total Labour Cost (TLC) to stay within the budgeted 35% ■ You are to create the names of your staff members, although your full time staff are already created for you
Trainer Resource: Rostering Version lA
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