SITXHRM002 Roster Staff & V1.1 SITXHRIV1004 Recruit, Select and Induct Staff ROSTERING STAFF ASSESSMENT ACTIVITY: ASSIGNMENT BRIEF ‘SPINACH RESTAURANT’ As the restaurant manager for ‘Spinach Restaurant’ you are required to write a two (2) week roster for your team. ASSESSMENT INSTRUCTIONS Read the following information and base your roster around these points.
■ The below chart, Figure: Table 1.0 is an hourly analysis of business volume for the food and beverage department of the Spinach Restaurant for one (1) week.
■ The service strategy is to provide fast efficient service for customers with limited time available. ii, Spinach Restaurant opens as follows: i. Wednesday to Saturday for Dinner only. ii. Sunday for Brunch only 0700 to 1500 ■ Spinach Restaurant has a 100 PAX seating capacity
■ You are the General Manger and you have designated Supervisors for front and back of the house .Each have signed an Enterprise Agreement and are on salary. Part of the agreement is that they will work up to 45 hours per week including weekend and night work.(Fixed Wage)
■ All engaged staff at Spinach Restaurant are currently employed under the ‘Hospitality Award Agreement 2010’ ■ The trading pattern for Spinach Restaurant over the upcoming season is listed in the table below (Table 1.0). During this time frame it has established a regular clientele and has a very consistent trading pattern.

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