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Client 1
Ahmad, 30 years old, is a delivery man.

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Due to his nature of his work, he consumes mainly fast food and snacks.
A month ago, to boost his energy throughout the day, he would consume up to 8 bottles of sweet beverages.

He wants to cut down on his sweetened beverages consumption but thinks that it is difficult as he has gotten used to the drinks. He has a family history of type 2 diabetes and hypertension.

His current Body Mass Index (BMI) is 31.5 kg/m2.

Client 2

Rachel, 70 years old, usually spends time taking care of her grandchildren at home.

6 months ago, she received her Faecal Immunochemical Test (FIT) report where the test results were reported as abnormal. She did not make any follow up efforts.

Recently, she has been experiencing unexpected weight loss, persistent abdominal discomfort with bouts of loose stools and constipation.

She is thinking to book a doctor’s appointment for a medical check-up within the next 2 weeks but has been procrastinating.

Her current BMI is 17.9 kg/m2.

Your report should include the following sections.

1 Introduction

• Explain FOUR key points on how to establish a productive coaching relationship with TWO examples each on your identified client.

• How would you approach your client differently from the role of a health coach and a counsellor? Explain THREE differences between each role.

2 Health Screening

• Recommend either a health screening or diagnostic test for your client. State FOUR reasons for your recommendation.

• Identify ONE possible health problem and ONE necessary health screening to opt for with TWO justifications for your client. Explain the steps to carry out the health screening test identified.

3 Behavioural Change

• Using the Transtheoretical Model (TTM), identify which stage of change your client falls under and justify the reason.

• Applying the S.M.A.R.T Goal concept, set FIVE goals with your client to improve his/her health status.

4 Communication Skills

• Identify ONE behavioural change of your client. Assuming that you are meeting your client for the first time, apply the OARS communication technique for an effective coaching session.

5 Health Advocacy

• Choose ONE health advocacy method that is best suited to advocate for your client.

6 Planning of Programme Organisation

• Choose ONE domain from the three domains listed below. Using the guiding principles in planning a health programme from Lesson 11, write out a plan for a community with your client as part of a target group.
o Physical Activity
o Nutrition
o Health Screening