Safeguarding and Protection in Care Settings (Unit 5):RQF Level 3 Diploma in Health & Social Care Assignment, UK – Global Homework Experts

Task 1: Part A:

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As a health and social care worker, you must have an understanding of the principles of safeguarding, you will need to understand what safeguarding is and your roles and responsibilities.

To start this unit, you will need to write a report titled: ‘Principles of safeguarding’.

Your report should start by explaining the term safeguarding and what harm is.

You will then need to go on to explain the roles and responsibilities you have when it comes to safeguarding. You will need to discuss:

·         Training.

·         Knowledge of policies and procedures relevant to own level of responsibility.

·         Awareness of own practice.

The report should also describe restrictive practice and this should cover:

·         Use of physical restraints.

·         Medication as a restraint.

·         Use of seclusion.

You should conclude your report by describing factors that contribute to an individual’s vulnerability.

 Task 1: Part B:

For this task you will need to complete the table below, the key types of abuse have been listed and you will need to clearly define the type of abuse and identify associated signs and symptoms. You will also need to identify the ways in which you can preserve evidence.


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