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This assignment involves the writing of two short papers. You will choose two scholarlyresearch articles on two different topics cited in the text and provide a summary andcritical analysis of each article. There are references to many articles throughout the text,either in footnotes, or in the Notes section at the end of each chapter. Specifically, foreach article, your paper should include answers to the following questions:1. How does this article fit into the related literature?2. What question(s) are being addressed by the author? Why is the paper important?3. What methodology does the author employ to answer the question(s)?4. What are the authors findings and why are they important? What are the policyimplications, if any?5. (Important!) What are the paper’s shortcomings/weaknesses? How might the study beextended or improved?You should be able to find many of the cited articles online via the JSTOR database,which can be accessed online through the University library.

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