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  1. Analyze the relationship between the company’s mission, vision, and service objective(s) and the decision-making process of an operations manager.
  2. Explain the service objectives’ dilemmas and challenges and make recommendations to resolve them.
  3. Analyze the dynamics of factors in the internal and external environments that could affect the service operations of an organization.
  4. Recommend improvements to the service operation that are aligned with the service strategy.


Based on the service organisation that you have had previous encounters with – you may have worked there before or have experienced its service transaction–you are to reflect on the complexity of managing the said service organisation through the analysis of the conflicting service objectives of customer satisfaction and cost efficiency, and the impacts that it experiences from both the internal and external environment.

  1. Provide an introduction of the organization, clearly stating the mission, vision, and service objectives (if any). Critic if the mission, vision, and service objectives (if any) are aligned with the targeted customers and the service rendered to them.
  2. Service organizations often face the service-objective dilemma: to provide great service and to be efficient in resource usage. Identify if the chosen organization faces a similar issue. Share your thoughts on how the organization manages this service dilemma and the implications for both the staff and the customers.
  3. Demonstrate your understanding of the impact environmental factors has from the perspective of the operations manager. Do those factors make their role easier or harder?
  4. Choose any TWO(2)internal environmental factors (choose from Corporate culture, Management’s desire for quality, Information system & flow, Finance standing) to demonstrate your understanding, and suggest anyONE (1)operational implementation to cope with any of the internal factor explained.
  5. Choose any two (2)external environmental factors (choose from Economic, Political/Legal, Social, Environmental, or Technological) to demonstrate your understanding, and suggest anyONE (1)operational implementation to cope with any of the external factors explained.

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