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You are to submit the ECA assignment in exactly the same manner as your tutor-marked assignments (TMA), i.e. using Canvas. Submission in any other manner like a hardcopy or any other means will not be accepted.

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Electronic transmission is not immediate. It is possible that the network traffic may be particularly heavy on the cut-off date and connections to the system cannot be guaranteed. Hence, you are advised to submit your assignment the day before the cut-off date in order to make sure that the submission is accepted and in good time.

Question 1

Assuming you are the asset manager of GLL D Pte Ltd and with the aid of MS Excel, appraise the internal rate of return for this site using the discounted cash flow analysis.

Embed your MS Excel file into your MS Word file (MS Word>INSERT>Object>Create from File>Browse>Select your MS Excel file>Insert>Select “Display as an icon”>Click “OK”). In one excel file, create:

(a) A worksheet and name as “IRR” to show IRR calculation.

(b) A worksheet and name as “Summary” to fill in the following information:

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