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You are required to conduct a strategic analysis and construct strategic recommendations for your chosen company based on current information. A key outcome of this report is to ensure that you are able to construct plausible strategies grounded on solid research, thorough analysis, and logical argument, all presented in a report that is persuasive and clear.

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This report, as is obvious from the mark allocation, is going to require considerable work from you. In addition to the use of all matrices and strategic tools taught in the course, you will also be expected to seek out data on your own. The report is expected to be clear and concise. Length is NOT an indicator of quality. Any padding will be frowned upon.

1. As this is an individual assignment, it is in your interest to ensure that the report is fully and properly-referenced. If intellectual dishonesty is established beyond any reasonable doubt, academic misconduct proceedings will be enacted. Poor referencing (i.e. the effort was made but referencing was poorly done) will also be penalized.

Objectives and Requirements

This assignment is to be undertaken individually. It is primarily designed for you to demonstrate your understanding of key concepts, theories, or models covered in this unit and apply/link them to business reality/your personal experience to facilitate your learning. Be assertive to draw conclusions for your analyses and evaluations

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