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Capstone – Assessment 1
Submission: Via Moodle Weight: 10%
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This is an
INDIVIDUAL Assessment. You are required to prepare a strategy implementation plan
based on your company’s strategic position assigned to you by your lecturer. You will be assigned
one the following generic strategy positions: –
1. Cost Leadership
2. Differentiation
With each of your delegated approaches, you may elect to adopt a focus strategy.
Use the following
as a guide to set out your company’s functional unit’s sub-strategies (Refer to the
“Balanced Scorecard” model).
Based on your assigned corporate strategy position, you are required to outline your approach with
reference to the decision parameters available inthe Business Strategy Game.
This means that you need to show how you are going to implement your assigned strategy. That is,
what are the BSG decisions you will enter to achieve this strategy? These must relate to the BSB
Game decision making parameters.
Refer to Sessions 1, 2 and in particular 3 – Strategy and the BSG
The final document should be approximately 2 to 2.5 pages in length and include the following
Corporate Strategy
Briefly explain the strategy positioning assigned to you and then outline the implications for your
footwear company.
Marketing and Competitive Strategy
How are you going to meet customer needs in a competitive environment?
Operational Strategy
How are you going to make the right quality shoe in the right place, delivered in the right time?
Human Resource Strategy
How are you going to maximise the efficiency of your workers?
Finance Strategy
How are you going to fund the company?
Investor Strategy
What is your dividend policy?
Please note that while all team members of a company will be assigned the same strategy, you must
prepare an individual response. You should may collaborate in your approach. Your submission will
be checked through Turnitin. The assessment is due in week 3.

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