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Sustainability Implementation Report

Analysis of staff survey results and achievements against targets

Response may cover:

Sustainability initiatives: responses show that staff are aware of some of the initiatives but mostly minor.

Concern about sustainability: varying levels but sustainability is definitely supported.

Importance of sustainability at work: as above.

Improvements: a clear outcome is that staff want more training and information.

Analysis of energy audit data and achievements against targets

Response should cover:

Data after 6 months shows that 20% target has been exceeded (25%).

However, only 8% after a year. This may be because of extra staff.

Targets may need to be revised.

Recommendations for additional actions that need to be taken based on a review of the data

Response may cover:

More regular training.

More information sharing e.g. not just through intranet, but by presentation at a staff meeting.

Summary of success of sustainability policy and procedure based on analysis.

Response should cover:

Successful to some extent e.g. energy decreases in first six months, but more work to be done in staff training and information.

Need to build in process for revising energy target to take into account additional factors such as new staff.

Updates to sustainability policy and procedure to account for recommended improvements.

Student to update sustainability policy and procedure to include more staff training and information. For example, if the student’s policy and procedure already shows this, the regularity should be increased.