systems analyst

systems analyst IP5
this goes with the other two assignments you have helped me with
needs to be a 6-7 page word document
must include all of the following things
For your final individual project, you will prepare a project plan document based on your individual project submissions made in the previous units.
Your project plan should be prepared using Word and should include the following.

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A business letter introducing the contents of the plan with a general summary of timeframe and costs. This letter should serve as your “selling” point to the library board and should summarize the benefits of the plan.

A system proposal that includes the following:

A description of the current system and associated problem

A summary of the goals of the proposed system

A description of the proposed solution including hardware, software, and other required resources. This will be the most detailed part of the plan and should include much of the information from the System Design phase.

An implementation summary including timetables, resources, and costs.

A final closing summary of the plan indicating how this solution meets the objectives.

This document should be of sufficient length to adequately represent your project plan.
the below two are from my last assignments so you can see what I have from the past projects
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