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I also attached 3 examples of this assignment but in that assignment they did not use any intext refernce but in my assignment it should be professional with proper intext reference and it should be evidence based..

Scenario: For this assessment, imagine that there is currently a parliamentary inquiry into each of the four issues below. You have decided to make a submission.

Task: Choose one of the health issues below and write an evidence-based parliamentary submission. Your submission should be making a clear link to relevant social determinants of health (that is, you’re arguing for a position and linking it to the SDOH). From there, you should provide a policy recommendation(s) – what is it that should be done to make the policy healthier?

Remember that while the topic is important, the link to relevant social determinants of health is equally as important. To do well in this assessment task, you need to link together several ideas into a comprehensive and cohesive argument. Giving yourself plenty of time to find the evidence, read it, thinking about it, and then link it together will be important.

Length: Your submission work is to be approximately 2000-2500 words [+/- 10%; references are not included in the word count]).

The following health topics are those the government is having an ‘inquiry’ into::


1. The Northern Territory government is having an inquiry into housing for Indigenous Australians. The government is considering whether they (the government) should build housing for this group.

2. The Queensland state government is having an inquiry into the funding of social support outreach programs. They are considering whether they (the government) should continue providing funds to community organisations that run these programs.

3. The Western Australian state government is having an inquiry into school attendance/school completion.

4. The Federal government is having an inquiry into the issue of universal basic income. They are considering whether all Australians should be paid a regular, livable and unconditional sum of money from the government.

Layout: There is no set layout for a parliamentary submission. I have provided three examples from a quick online search, and you’re welcome to follow one of those or find your own. You want it to look professional, however, so keep that in mind. You also want it to be evidence-based, so referencing is important.