Task to Script

Now it’s time to determine whether a graphical tool, command pipeline or a script is the most efficient tool for common network administrative tasks. In the first part of your project you will identify a task that you will script.TasksAfter you review the grading criteria below and the material covered this week, compose an APA formatted, double-spaced Microsoft Word document in which you will:Review the technical requirements for the project in the Project Overview, located in Course Information section of the Canvas shell.Project Overview:Unit 1: Choosing a Task to ScriptIn the first part of your project, you will identify the task that you will script.
 The first part of the task requires that you review the grading rubric and the materials covered this week. You will then identify a task that meets the requirements identified in the grading rubric for the project.***** Choose a task to script that will allow you to meet the technical requirements of the project; you may wish to consult with your classmates and instructor. Write a brief description of your project proposal that describes the task to be scripted. Explain how it meets the requirements for a task that should be scripted. Some of the requirements for a task that should be scripted are listed in the Project Overview. There are no specific length requirements for this first project phases, but you must address all requirements for the assignment. Make sure to cite any sources you use in APA format. Include your submission in a Microsoft Word document named Lastname_U1_Project.doc. Submit your file using the upload instructions below.

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