Technical Communication Experience

Provide a 7 pages analysis while answering the following question: Technical Communication Experience. Prepare this assignment according to the guidelines found in the APA Style Guide. An abstract is required. But, individuals will mainly select the field in which they are going to specialize and graduate, based on their interests and influences they imbibe. So, from the wide variety of fields or branches that will be available, the individuals will choose their field, specialize in it, ‘graduate’ in it, and even ‘Master’ it, going through different stages. So, I James Peck, an estate agent also went through all these stages or parts of these stages. Working in the property development sector, I have quite a good knowledge of my field and the job I do. As mentioned above, each individual will have an academic choice and career choice of their own, based on their interest, influences, and also expected opportunities. If anyone is interested in my field of property development, or if anyone hasn’t made their career choice, or if anyone wants to change their current choice to an estate agent, or even if anybody wants to know about the field of property development, as a general knowledge subject, my speech will be quite useful. Importantly, this speech could also be an influencing activity.
To entice the listeners and make them attentive to my speech, I intend to plan the outline logically. That is, firstly, I wanted to speak to them about their interests and influences in their childhood and during their school life. This is because humans are mostly ‘made’ in their childhood and teenage years before they enter their adulthood. Every human’s life will be composed of several stages, which are inter-linked. And, for every living individual in this world who has lived long enough, the stage when they were young will be considered the crucial one. At that stage only, an individual’s life can take a turn, both in the positive as well in the negative direction. The positive direction in the sense, if the individual when he/she was a juvenile concentrates on education, career, etc, their lives will be a successful one. Even if their parents or&nbsp.guardians also think in those positive lines, the children or the teenagers could have a very positive, constructive, and happy childhood as well as adulthood.

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