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Paper instructions:
The movie Office Space is set in a high-tech company and the central character is a technical professional in the organization who has no motivation or passion for his job. In particular, his relationship with his boss, Bill Lumberg, is very strained and he attributes most of his workplace dissatisfaction with the ineffectiveness of his manager. Two other technical professional who seem to be good performers are also subjects of the movie, although they are less willing to address their dissatisfaction until they find out they have been fired. These three employees embark on small acts of counter-productive work behavior, until finally deciding to commit a major crime for revenge against the company. A fourth character, Milton, is so badly treated that he eventually burns down the building because he is so fed up with the way he has been mismanaged. This is a movie that provides a lot of examples of occupational crime.

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After watching answer the following questions in essay format:

Where do individuals get their motivation to commit occupational crimes? What do leaders do that enhances or detracts from this motivation? Use specific examples from the movie

Apply a theory that we discussed at one point during the semester that most accurately explains white-collar crime. Use examples from the movie

In your opinion, how can we reduce white-collar/occupational crimes?


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