The Business Entity

2) GROUP ASSIGNMENT (80%, 4500 – 5000 words)
The Scenario
The Business Entity as Research Subject/Case
Choose a company listed under the main market of Bursa Malaysia: visit, for some of
the choices available. You are advised to choose, as far as you could determine and obtain sufficient
information, a company with a profile, policies and practices that would allow for fair criticisms and
further improvement. The company may be a business player in any industry or sector, as long as it
is listed in Malaysia.
You may seek advice from your tutor regarding the company of your choice. Your choice must be
first approved by your tutor beginning from the week 5 of the semester, before you start work.
The Adviser, Researcher
Assuming you are the senior company secretary of the company overseeing corporate administration
department. The department’s duties include, among others, legal compliance oversights, advising the
board on due diligent, risk management and other governance-related matters. You are occasionally
required to prepare and present research papers for internal use or consumption.
Sound governance is essential for business survival, efficiency and prosperity. It is imperative to
develop structured and proactive governance frameworks and regime within the organization to
enable the company to sustain in a changing and increasingly challenging business environment.
The Chairman of your company has instructed your department to evaluate the corporate governance
framework and practice of the organisation in the aspects of the audit committee, internal control
systems as well as the risk management, and to make recommendations for improvement.
Prepare a document in a suitable format address to the chairman capturing the following:
a) Examine the existing corporate governance mechanism, systems and best practices in the widest
sense and scope, in listed companies, especially for ones based on a multicultural society such
as Malaysia.
b) Analysis of corporate governance-related practices, issues and/or impacts (positive or negative)
that need to be studied and addressed;
c) Recommendation or enhancement of strategies, policies and systems to ensure good governance
and manage governance issues faced by your company, and to improve on performance;

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