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Assessment TWO FAQ

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Assessment one: Report on physical, Cognitive, Social, and Emotional Development


Due: Friday, 16 Sep 2022 at 23:59 WST (Week 6)






  1. How many developmental domains do I need to cover?
  • You need to address four developmental domains: physical, cognitive, social and emotional.
  • The focus of this assessment is on the typical development of each of these four domains.

2.     What developmental stage can I choose?

  • You only need to choose ONE developmental stage: Early childhood, Middle childhood, Early adolescence or Middle
  • You need to provide the age range for this stage. Different sources have slightly different age ranges for these stages, and you can go with the one you prefer (it does not have to be the set textbook) so long as you provide the

3.     How many pedagogical strategies do I need?

  • You only need to discuss ONE strategy per domain.
  • The strategy you promote would be based on the milestone and needs (implications for learning and teaching) you identified for the age group. You need to discuss what the strategy is (name it), why it works for children/students at this age group and in supporting their development in this domain and how it can be

4.     What is a pedagogical strategy?

  • A pedagogical strategy is a teaching strategy, or a teaching method, that is used/implemented by teachers to help students learn or


  • A pedagogical strategy (teaching strategy) should be more specific than an approach (e.g. student-centred learning or teacher-directed learning), or  a  theory  (for instance, behaviourism or humanist teaching theory). The States’ Department of Education websites and some other government websites,  for  instance  ACARA, AITSL, have some great resources/examples of teaching strategies to get you started. For instance:






1.     Do I need an introduction and a conclusion?

  • No, do not include an introduction nor a conclusion. Go straight into answering the questions of the milestones, implications and

2.     How can I structure the responses?

  • Use headings (and subheadings) to structure your
  • The recommended structure is:


3.     Can I use dot points?

  • Dot points can only be used in the “milestones” section if you prefer. For all the other sections, please present your responses in paragraphs without dot points or tables or
  • Please check out this Uniskills resource from the Curtin library for how to structure a paragraph:



1.     Does the set textbook need to be used as a reference?

  • Yes, the set textbook (Duchesne et al., 2022) must be cited in your assignment as a reference as per the marking

2.     How many academic references in total do I need?

  • Generally, 8-10 scholarly sources plus the textbook in total for the whole assessment is a minimum expectation. 12-15 would be reasonable.
  • The authentic and effective use of sources is the most important, rather than only pursuing the number of sources. Check out this UniSkills resource on citing in your writing:


  • Using a combination of different types of references is better than only using textbooks.
  • You are expected to conduct your own research for additional


3.     What are acceptable academic references or credible sources?


  • Acceptable academic references are textbooks, research-based articles from scholarly, peer reviewed journals, and information from scholarly, government based or supported web sources (often with a designated purpose of supporting education).


  • Websites with these domains (the URL ending)  generally  have  reliable information: .org (a registered organisation); .edu (an educational institution); .gov (a government agency), (an Australian government agency).
  • For more information on evaluating online resources and effective internet searching, please check out this link:


4.     How old can references be?

  • A good rule of thumb is to use sources published in the past 10

5.     What referencing style do we  use?

  • We use APA 7th referencing style in all the units in your Master of Teaching course. Check out  the  library  referencing guide:

6.     Are page numbers required for in-text referencing?

  • Page numbers are required for all direct quotes, and are encouraged for paraphrased information in in-text

7.     Are the references included in the word count?

  • In-text references are included in the word count. The reference list is not included in the word
  • The reference list should be on a separate Check out the sample reference list:



1.     Do I need a cover page? Is there a standard template?

  • Yes, include a simple cover page. Elements to include: Unit name, assignment number or name, your name, tutor’s name, date due and your final word count. Limit font size to Ensure cover-page is simple and without adornment.
  • The old standard cover page template is no longer used since now assignments need to be submitted through Turnitin and using the  template means Turnitin will  highlight all the same information in the

2.     What is the required format of presentation?

  • Include a header (your name and unit code) and a footer (page number).


  • Required format: 2.54 cm margins; size 12 font Arial or Times New Roman. Double line
  • Save your work to Turnitin using the following format: Surname_Firstname_UnitCode_Ass1
  • Save and submit your work as a Word document NOT a


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