UGB 269Innovation Management – Global Homework Experts

UGB 269Innovation Management – MODULE GUIDE 2018 – 19ObjectivesAfter completing this session you should be able to:Explore creating value through innovation managementCompare innovation management and firm performanceExplore the process of exploiting knowledge and intellectual propertyComprehend the broader economic and social benefits of innovation managementExplore choosing a business modelBefore attending this session, you should:TimeRead the following texts and prepare for the workshop activities:12hrsRead chapter’s 12 & 13 (Tidd, J. & Bessant, J. 2015).Read Article:Torugsa, N, (A). ,& Arundel, A. (2017). Rethinking the effect of risk aversion on the benefitsof service innovations in public administration agencies. Research Policy 46 (2017) 900–910Case Study: Joint SolutionsExercise: How well do we manage innovation (e-book activity)Key Lessons learned about Managing InnovationVideo: Why innovation failsWhats wrong about innovation3hrsTotal Time15hrs21Dr Derek Watson Module Leader, Sunderland Campus.

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