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Stephen Djokotoe. WK4 – PA – DELL COMPUTERS.

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DUE DATE: Wednesday, March 5, 2014. Time: 2:00 PM.

Please note: No Cover Page required. Single Spacing, Not more than 2 pages excluding bibliography. FONT SIDE 12 with 1” Borders. CITATION: APA.

Resources other than Text permitted but must cite the Text.

SUBJECT: Marketing Management & Innovation.

TOPIC: Understanding Markets and Buyers.

Textbook: Marketing Management and Innovation. (14th Edition)

Authors: Kotler., P, & Keller, K. (2012) Upper Saddle River, NJ. Pearson Education, Inc.


K – K Chapter 3 – Understanding Markets, Market Demand and the Marketing


K – K Chapter 4 Conducting Marketing Research.

K – K Chapter 6 Analyzing Consumer Markets.

K – K Chapter 7 Analyzing Business Markets.

Recommended Reading:

Rubinson, J. (2009), The new marketing research imperative: It’s about learning.

Journal of Advertising Research, 49(1), 7 – 9.

Clemons, E. (2008), How information changes consumer behavior and how

Consumer behavior determines corporate strategy.

Journal of Managementt Information Systems, 25(2), 13 – 40.

Objective 3: Analyze consumer needs and behavior and how they affect an

organization’s (Dell) ability to deliver superior value to customers.

Objective 6: Analyze the use of marketing information systems and innovative

technologies in organizations. (how does Dell use them).

Objective 9: Develop a marketing plan to guide an organization to a leading

position in the market.

ASSIGNMENT – Personal Application (PA). (Please note: PA is simply applying the concepts in the above chapters to the company that I work for or choose to follow – in this case, it is DELL).

Based on WK 4 readings and materials, what is your assessment of the state of research and data analysis in your organization? (Dell) What would you recommend to further improve your organization’s marketing research process and/or marketing information systems?

In the foreseeable future do you perceive any likely changes in the environment that your organization (Dell) operates in? What steps can you recommend to your organization to enable it to meet and effectively address future challenges and take advantage of the opportunities?