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The aim of this assessment is to allow students to demonstrate an understanding of
website design and apply theoretical knowledge to practical applications.
Answers to the tasks will demonstrate:
1. Understanding of website design concepts
2. An ability to design interactive websites
3. An ability to implement interactive websites
4. An ability to test interactive websites.
Drums Rock is a specialist music shop based in Birmingham in the centre of
England. This being the home of many famous rock bands such as Black Sabbath,
the shop naturally focuses on this style of music and in particular drum kits. Over the
years the shop has been a very successful business but is now finding it hard to
compete with Internet based stores which can offer a wider range of equipment at
lower prices. The shop management have decided that they wish to set up an online shop to complement their high street store.
The management make extensive use of the Internet but do not have technical
backgrounds, so they are not in a position to request specific technologies. They do,
however, have a list of functional requirements (detailed below) which they would
like from their web site. It is up to you how you will implement these requirements.
The management do want to be involved in the design of the web site, so you must
produce appropriate documentation at each stage of the process.
Functional Requirements
The shop management want a web site that can do at least the following:
1. Operate as a “shop front” advertising the high street drum shop and its
facilities including drum kits available to try with the aim of attracting
customers to the shop. The web site should include some photographs and a
“how to find us”. For the purposes of the “how to find us” section, use this
address: Park Lane, Wednesbury, West Midlands, WS10 9SF. This is a real
address and will come up on web mapping sites and SatNav systems with UK
maps. There is not a drum shop there!
2. An on-line shop allowing people to order anything that the shop sells, from
drum sticks to full drum kits. This should allow the browsing of a catalogue
and the use of buy now buttons. You do NOT need to implement checkout
and payment facilities; just have a button that says “Pay now” which brings up
a page saying “Thank you for your payment”.

Overall Activity
You are to design, implement and test a prototype web site for Drums Rock. This
must meet the functional requirements given above. As it is a prototype, you do not
need to complete every aspect of every page but you do need to design and
implement sufficient to show the shop what they will get and how it will work.
Specifically your web site must:
1. Meet appropriate design guidelines for accessible web sites.
2. Have appropriate photographs for this shop, which you may obtain from online sources such as Google Images and must be referenced.
3. Have a working catalogue with a sample of at least 10 items of stock ranging
from drum sticks to full drum kits. This must include at least a photograph,
description, price and shipping cost for each item. The factual content of this
may be taken from on-line sources but you must construct the catalogue
4. Allow the customer to order from the stock list by selecting “Buy Now” buttons
or similar. This should produce a suitable on screen message accepting the
order and having a link back to continue shopping.
5. You do NOT need to implement a checkout or payment system. Instead, put
a “Pay Now” button in an appropriate place and when clicked, go to a page
saying “Thank you for your payment”.
Task 1
The management of the shop want to make sure that their web site meets current
guidelines but are not familiar in detail with what these guidelines are. It is up to you
to provide the appropriate information for them.
When building your web site, you must follow the guidelines for web site design
covered in the course. You must submit a document (absolute maximum of 2 pages
A4 word processed) discussing which guidelines you have followed and indicating
via references to your web site where this has been demonstrated.
This task will allow you to demonstrate the following Learning Outcomes:
1. Understanding of website design concepts
Task 2
Drums Rock management do not know how to design web sites but they do want to
approve all your design ideas. It is up to you to present your designs in appropriate
ways for their approval.
Using appropriate design techniques, you must document the design phase of the
web site development. This should include a suitable set of materials that would be
used in discussion with Drums Rock in order to get their approval for your site before
you actually implement.

There is no guideline length for this part of the assignment as it depends too much
on the approach you take to drawing your designs. It is up to you to ensure that you
have submitted an appropriate set of information.
This task will allow you to demonstrate the following Learning Outcomes:
1. An ability to design interactive websites
Task 3
Produce the working prototype discussed above. This must have the functionality
listed with some content. There needs to be sufficient content to show the
management of Drums Rock what the web site will look like and how it will work.
This includes a minimum of 10 items in the on-line shop, with photographs and
detailed information. The photographs and information may be copied from on-line
sources (which should be listed in your references) but you must organise the stock
database and displaying of information yourself.
There is no guideline on how many pages you must implement. It is up to you to
develop a site that demonstrates to the shop management what the final product will
look like. Imagine that you are pitching for the contract to produce the full site and
go from there.
You must submit your web site as a single directory/folder compressed in .zip format
using 7zip or similar (
http://www.7zip.com/). Instructions on how to submit your web
site are in the News forum part of this modules iLearn page.
This task will allow you to demonstrate the following Learning Outcomes:
1. An ability to implement interactive websites
Task 4
The management of Drums Rock need to be sure that your web site actually works
properly. Again, they do not know the details of what this means, so it is up to you to
produce appropriate documentation that shows and explains full and comprehensive
testing of the web site.
Again, it is up to you to determine an appropriate set of tests, so there is no guideline
length for this task.
This task will allow you to demonstrate the following Learning Outcomes:
4. An ability to test interactive websites.
Student Guidelines
1. You should write each task of this assignment as detailed above, in coherent and
appropriate English, complete with references in Harvard notation.
2. You may use shopping basket tools to build the shopping facilities but you must
incorporate them properly in your own web site and you must reference the tools
3. As part of the marking of this assignment, your web site will be tested using either
Internet Explorer or Mozilla Firefox. Your web site should work with both. The
testing will include a sample of the tests documented in task 4 and the results should
match those documented in this task.
4. There are plenty of drum shops with web sites from which you can get content
information (product photographs, descriptions, prices etc.). However, you must
NOT copy any web site code from these or any other site. You must build the site
your self.
5. You may use any tools you like to build the site itself. This includes but is not
limited to Dreamweaver at the professional end through to hand coding in notepad.
It is entirely up to you and the tools used to build the site will not affect the grade at

Grading Criteria ~ Website Design

order now
To achieve a PASS GRADE the evidence must show that the
learner is able to meet all of the learning outcomes:
To achieve a MERIT GRADE the evidence must
show that the learner is able to:
To achieve a DISTINCTION GRADE the evidence must
show that the learner is able to:
P1 LO1
Understand website design concepts
1.1 discuss the design concepts that have to be
considered when designing a website
P2 LO2
Be able to design interactive websites
2.1 design an interactive website to meet given
2.2 evaluate website design with other users.
P3 LO3
Be able to implement interactive websites
3.1 implement a fully-functional interactive website using a
design specification.
P4 LO4
Be able to test interactive websites
4.1 critically review and test the website
4.2 analyse actual test results against expected results to
identify discrepancies
4.3 evaluate independent feedback and make
recommendations for improvements
4.4 create onscreen help to assist the users
4.5 create documentation for the support and maintenance
of the website.
The assignment covers the main areas as specified.
Presentation of material acceptable but may display
weakness in the way in which it is communicated.
Proposals would satisfy the needs of the scenario.
Assignment has met deadline
M1- Identify and apply strategies to find
appropriate solutions
A range of credible sources of
information have been used to identify
appropriate products and solutions
Effective judgements have been made
when selecting appropriate ways to
implement requirements
M2 – Select design and apply appropriate
Material presented is clearly using
appropriate tools and techniques and is
directly related to the scenario
M3 – Present and Communicate Findings
Material is presented in a logical and
accurate manner matching the stated
requirements for each task.
Appropriate levels of material are
presented, taking into account the target
Sources are clearly identified through
D1 – Use critical reflection to evaluate your own
work & justify valid conclusions
Proposals offer clearly justified matches to the
The work demonstrates a clear understanding
of the overall requirements of the client as well
as the individual requirements.
D2 – take responsibility for managing and
organising activities.
Independent research, outside that provided in
course materails, has been utilised to prepare
the work
Assignment is completed fully to deadline
D3 – demonstrate convergent, lateral & creative
Solutions presented show an innovative
approach to web site design based on the
latest available techniques and tools.
A clear understanding of the current trends in
website design is demonstrated by the web
site solution and supporting documentation.


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