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Assessment Details and Submission

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Trimester March 2022
Unit Code ICT 309
Assessment Type Individual Assessment
Assessment Title Essay Writing
Purpose of the
assessment (with
ULO Mapping)

Evaluate the business benefits of GRC in managing the contribution
of IT to organizations.

Weight 20%
Total Marks 20
Word limit 1000 minimum
Due Dates 01/09/2022

 All work must be submitted on Moodle by the due date
along with a completed Assignment Cover Page.
 Reference sources must be cited in the text of the report,
and listed appropriately at the end in a reference list using
APA referencing style.

Extension  Extensions to assignment deadlines (not including
exams) based on mitigating circumstances shall be at
the discretion of the Lecturer for a unit. Mitigating
circumstances are circumstances outside of the
student's control that have had an adverse effect on the
student's work or ability to work. Extensions of up to
three days are permissible.
 Students must email or otherwise write to the Lecturer
prior to the due date for an assessment item. The
student must produce a copy of their work to date on the
assessment, demonstrating that they have commenced


 Academic misconduct involves cheating, collusion,
plagiarism or any other conduct that deliberately or
inadvertently claims ownership of an idea or concept
without acknowledging the source of the information. This
includes any form of activity that negates the academic
integrity of the student or another student and/or their
work. Please refer 2.6 Academic misconduct –
plagiarism, collusion and cheating for further details.

Assignment Description (Total marks 20)
You are required to write ‘academic essay’ on any one of the following topics-
 The 10 Best GRC Tools And Platforms For 2022.
 Building Business Value with IT GRC Program.
 GRC Framework.
 GRC System Australia.
 Integrating a GRC Framework in a Digital Age.
 Cyber Security and Governance, Risk and Compliance

Submission Guidelines
1. Manuscript should be containing minimum 1000 words and should not exceed
3000 words including embedded figures and tables, contain no appendix, and the
file should be in Microsoft Office (.doc/.docx) format.
2. Paper should be in prepared in A4 paper (21cm x 29.7cm) using 2.5 cm for inside
margin and 2 cm for top, bottom, and outside margin.
3. The title, abstract and main text should be in one column.
4. Title should be less than 15 words, title case, small caps, centered, bold, font type
Times New Roman (TNR), font size 16, and single spaced.
5. The main text of the writing should be in one column with 1 cm column spacing,
justified, 12 TNR, first line indent 5 mm, and 1.5 spaced.
6. The manuscript should begin with title, abstract, and keyword and the main text
should consist of: Introduction, Literature Review, Research Methodology, Finding
and Discussion, Conclusion followed by References.

Marking Guide:
Criteria Description Marks
Similarity Index Students having similarity index above 30 % will get

zero marks.


and industrial

Contents will be checked against these three criteria 5

References All references in APA style format. Minimum reference 5 5
Formatting Paper must be formatted consistently with content



Possible steps (In no strict order)
1. Analyse the topic and define key terms.
2. Establish a possible point of view
3. Do the literature review. Use books, journals and other credible academic
sources for support and evidence. Import references with EndNote.
4. Write a first draft to include your abstract, body and conclusion.
5. Complete or finalize your references and citations
6. Complete your final draft and check similarity index with Turnitin.
7. Similarity index should not cross 20