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A university registrar’s office maintains data about the following entities: (a) courses, including number, title, credits, syllabus, and prerequisites; (b) course offerings, including course number, year, semester, section number, instructor(s), timings, and classroom; (c) students, including student-id, name, and program; and (d) instructors, including identification number, name, department, and title. Further, the enrollment of students in courses and grades awarded to students in each course they are enrolled for must be appropriately modeled.

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The assumptions made are:

a class meets only at one particular place and time. This ER diagram cannot model a class meeting at different places at different times.

There is no guarantee that the database does not have two classes meeting at the same place and time.

Construct an E-R diagram for the registrar’s office in Crows Foot notations.

Construct appropriate tables for the ER diagram in Microsoft Access. Your Access database should show relationships between the tables.

Construct a Use Case diagram in Visio or LucidChart.

You can use Visio or LucidChart for the ER and Use Case diagrams. Provide your assumptions, expl