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In view of the need to pass IWCC’s audit and the potential benefits, the CSC’s management has decided to implement a Video Assistant Referee (VAR) System and called it the VAR Project.
Section 1: Defininff the Project
The CSC’s CEO, Mr. Mark Tay, has appointed the following staff to form a project team for the VAR Project:
1. You, a CSC’s Senior Administrative Officer, is appointed as the VAR Project Manager. You have managed a few projects successfully at CSC. The management trusts that your resourcefulness and tenacity will help in this important project.
2. Mr. Fandi, a CSC’s Facilities Manager. He oversees National Stadium’s Maintenance & Engineering (M&E) operations. He outsources some of the labour-intensive works to local contractors.
3. Ms. Nancy Lim, a Software Engineer seconded from Gov Tech, the government technology arm, helps to develop the VAR application software and data communication system.
CSC also contracted Eagle Eye Corporation (EEC), a high-resolution camera manufacturer in Germany, to design a new camera for the project. EEC has assigned its Engineer, Mr. Joachim to this project.
The CEO briefed you on the management’s expectations:
• The project shall start on 1 October 2022 and be commissioned by 29 December 2022 as IWCC has scheduled to audit the VAR System on the next day. • Besides meeting the IWCC’s requirements, the system shall incorporate as many AI analytic features as possible. • An appropriate budget must be worked out and submitted to the Ministry of Community. The team needs to be prudent in spending, but he will approve any future increments which are justified.

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