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Question 1

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The management of a brick-and-mortar retail chain of convenience shops in Singapore plans to invest in a warehouse management system (WMS). Its central warehouse is currently operating with manual, paper-based systems. The warehouse stores and handles a wide range of products for distribution to its various outlets, such as drinks, frozen foods, fruits and vegetables, health and beauty, and small household products.

(a) Compile a list of key functions that the WMS must have. Provide your reasons.

(b) Shortlist 3 WMS that you think can meet the needs of this particular warehouse. Review the features of each WMS you have shortlisted based on your criteria. Recommend the best WMS for this warehouse. Give reasons to support your recommendations.

(c) The company plans to expand its business into the e-commerce space via online platforms. What other considerations should you take into account when shortlisting the WMS for this warehouse?

Question 2

Select a company you and your teammates are familiar with or worked/interned for. Assume that the company is going to build a new warehouse with a floor size of 80m x 130m x11m.

(a) Examine the warehouse layout by developing a schematic layout of this facility. You need to estimate the areas needed for receiving and dispatch, storage space, aisle width, and other spaces. You need not come up with the architectural plans; just a concept layout will be sufficient to indicate the main areas of the warehouse. State any assumptions used and give reasons to support your answer.

(b) Analyse the storage system and handling equipment for this warehouse. State any assumptions used and give reasons to support your answer.

(c) What are your thoughts about the possibility of this company using ASRS in the warehouse? State any assumptions used. Give reasons to support your answer and any possible issues the company may encounter

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