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he site would be for a coffee shop.

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The pictures added bellow is what the site layout should look on the main page and then the sub pages. Should explain how the coffee types are made and what are the different names for coffee brews.

Is this able to be done?

Web and Interactive Design

Purpose: To showcase the skills you have acquired and to make a portfolio ready web site.

Assignment: Create an original web site containing at least 5 different pages. The web site topic is your choice. Please insure that you chose a topic with enough information to create 5 different pages. The final project for VAMM110 is a demonstration of the skills you have acquired during the term. Your grade will be a combination of your technical expertise as well as your ability to deliver your message using the tools of the web. The best method to complete this project and meet the requirements is to complete the Project at the end of each chapter in the Dreamweaver book.

Requirements: You will submit the following deliverables:

  • the URL of your site,
  • a brief description of your site including an overview of the subject and the intended audience and
  • a wireframe of the site,
  • a general description of the styles you have defined in your CSS.

Required functions: Your site must demonstrate your understanding of the basic building blocks of a web site. It must be created and submitted on rogue.bucks.edu. You must use Dreamweaver CC. You must include:

  • Appropriate page titles, keywords and descriptions
  • An external CSS, and necessary embedded styles
  • Either create a page design using CSS that is appropriate for your site design or use one of the options available in DreamWeaver specifically Bootstrap. Your site must support mobile viewing.
  • Menu Bar navigation
  • HyperLinks to both internal, external pages and links to named anchors
  • An original logo and banner images. Additional images maybe gathered from other sources, you must however credit these sources by commenting your code.
  • A form for data collection it should contain the appropriate form objects (at least 3 different objects) and a reset and submit button
  • A media element of your choice, rollover image, and/or video
  • One function not formally covered in class (eg photo gallery, social media links, etc)



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