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Master course applied: Edinburgh-MS Service Management and Designhttps://www.ed.ac.uk/studying/postgraduate/degrees/index.php?r=site/view&edition=2022&id=1067 PS requirement of the University of Edinburgh: PS should be divided into 2 parts:Part 1 ( 500 words max)You should also use your personal statement to outline your motivation for your chosen area of study. Try to answer questions such as:Why are you interested in studying at Edinburgh? (e.g. teaching quality, learning facilities, employ ability ratings, career opportunities, department reputation, etc)Why have you chosen this particular programmer? (e.g. taught modules, course introduction, career aspirations, or any special feature of this programmer that is different from the similar programmed provided by the other universities)If you are studying for career development, what are your career plans and how will your studies support these? (e.g. what I want to be in the future, specific role, specific company, etc. And how the master’s programmer could help me to achieve the goal?) Part 2 (500 words max):“Relevant knowledge/training skills”E.g. the relevant knowledge/skills I have acquired from the undergraduate degree study, relevant skills I have in the work experience. How can these factors contribute to my master’s degree? Please write the PS based on my requirements, the PS should be logical and make sense. I will give you a 5-star rating if I am impressed. Thank you.

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