Write a the Reasons for applying to this university and programme (why this university, why this particular programme, –

Write a the Reasons for applying to this university and program-me (why this university, why this particular program-me, what particularly attracts me: state clearly what impresses me, this could be the teaching staff, particular modules, lab facilities and/or employ ability ratings. It could also be the reputation of the school or institution. What will I learn from the programmer, how is the program-me related to my future career aspirations, etc)-IMPORTANT! 3 Connect my previous academic and professional background with the course I applied for (state my suitability for the course, explain why I am the best candidate. It should focus on the knowledge I have obtained from the University, not English skills/academic scores). As for work experience, you should focus on what the internship/work brings to me, what skills/knowledge I have learnt from work, rather than just list what I did daily (too boring, and admissions officer can see it from my CV, no need to repeat in the PS) -IMPORTANT! 4 State my future career plan (it should be clear with position/company). 5 In the final paragraph, emphasize my interests in the applied program me and what I can bring to the program-me/cohort/classmates. Don’t rush, quality is better than everything. Don’t plagiarize, that will cause the application to be withdrawn. Thank you very much for your efforts!

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